What Unbridled Equine Offers

Equine Massage Therapies

Initial Massage Consultation

60-90 minutes

Client will complete intake and consent form prior to first visit. This will give Katie time to gain background information on the horse and ask questions if needed. The initial massage consultation provides a complete evaluation and assessment of all muscles. The massage includes a combination of services ranging from therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point release, myofascial release using RockBlade and Hypervolt tools, kinesiology tape, cupping therapy, chakra balancing, essential oils, and more. A recommended treatment plan is discussed after the initial massage and assessment.


Luxury Equine Massage

45-60 Minutes

The luxury equine massage utilizes leading edge massage tools and techniques. This massage includes a combination of services ranging from Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Release, Acupressure, Myofascial Release using RockBlade and Hypervolt Tools, Kinesiology Tape, Cupping Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Essential Oils, and more.

The luxury massage is custom tailored for each horse and provides many benefits coupled with top-notch added services.


MagnaWave PEMF Treatment

30 Minute Add-On To Massage

30-45 Minute Separate Session

A Magna Wave treatment uses a high-intensity PEMF device that pulses low-frequency electromagnetic waves into the horse’s body to stimulate cellular action. Magna Wave PEMF penetrates through the muscles and joints of the horse, creating a cascade of biological processes. Magna Wave helps a horse on a cellular level by stimulating the cells to accelerate activity and expedite the flow of oxygen and nutrients while simultaneously accelerating the disposal of toxins and waste products. Magna Wave PEMF also increases blood oxygen at the cellular level. This allows the cells to be healthier and perform as they should. Magna Wave helps a horse by improving the metabolic rate of each cell. Impaired cell metabolism can lead to decreased performance levels and injuries. By helping to regenerate damaged or diseased tissue, Magna Wave helps a horse “kick-start” the healing process to minimize downtime due to injury or illness.



Equine Massage therapy compliments regular routine veterinary care. It is not a replacement of veterinary care. If you have any concerns or are not sure about a specific injury, condition or lameness occurrence, it is highly recommended you consult with a veterinarian.

Nature vs. Work

Historically in nature, horses daily lives consisted mainly of slow walking and grazing. With high exertion being kept to a minimum. Today's modern horse spends most of it's day standing in a stall with small burst of exercise from riding and turnout. Often the horse is returned to their stall without much time for their muscles to cool down and relax. Healthy support to alleviate the stress the body can take on from these unnatural circumstances is very important. Regular equine massage therapy is a proven method for improving muscle health and a reduction in stress.

Essential Oils

Included in all massage therapies.

Essential oil therapies, in addition to equine massage, further assist in promoting overall health and well being of a horse. An essential oil add on could include either a specific essential oil blended in a carrier oil being used during the massage or an application of The Equine Raindrop Technique.

Clients have the option to add in these therapies to any session. Benefits of essential oils include:

  • Addresses the emotional well being of the horse and releases negative traumas and training issues.
  • Prevents and combats occasional sore backs, muscles, and muscle spasms before and after riding or competition
  • Supports healthy immunity which is critical during shipping and competition
  • Assists with the release of toxins on a cellular level

Credit or Debit

Visa, Discover, Amex or Mastercard (2.75% service fee)

Accepted Payment Methods


Due at time of service.


Within 15 days of service. Made out to Unbridled Equine.


Call 847-987-1350 with Debit/Credit card (3% service charge applied).