Dr. Michele Marano of Deerpath Equestrian Club & Stable

“As a doctor, I understand the necessity for connective tissue work in maintaining athletes’ peak performance during training…why would that need change for my horses that are top performers? It doesn’t. Unbridled Equine is the quintessential application in prepping Carollo during his endurance training and at top level FEI shows. Thank you U.E. for achieving FEI status and massaging Carollo to his victories!”

Anna Hallene of Glenwood Farms

“I’ve been working with Katie for almost two years and she has become an integral part of my program.  My horses absolutely love her – and I can always feel an improvement in their way of going after a session with her.  Katie is a lifelong horsewoman, and it shows.  She both knows the animal inside and out, as well as understands the demands of the sport.  Obviously, her extensive knowledge of both sports massage techniques and adjunct therapies is impressive.  Equally so, though, is the way she is able to problem solve and tailor her approach in order to get to the root of a horse’s discomfort and help each horse get the most out of his or her session.  As if that wasn’t enough, she is constantly in pursuit of additional ways in which to help get the best results for her clients.  Needless to say, my horses and I are big fans, and I’m so glad to have connected with Katie.  In this sport it takes a village – and I’m certainly thankful to have Katie as a part of mine.”

“We first met Katie about 2 years ago. We had a horse that just wasn’t himself. Every vet passed him as sound, but there was something that didn’t add up. We reached out to Katie looking for another set of hands and eyes… about 20 minutes into her session she found a rib that was out of place. It sounds crazy, but that horse returned to his normal, happy self and was sold within the next couple of months. All because of Katie.”

“Katie is an incredible asset to any team. She is a horsewoman, she understands the sport, and she has vast knowledge about getting the best out of the horse’s entire musculoskeletal system. She is immensely talented at using her sports massage techniques, combined with additional therapies to target and release any discomforts, and allow the horses to perform at their best. We value her opinion and trust her instincts – she has great insight into each individual horse.”

“Katie is devoted to her clients and their horses. She always puts her best foot forward and is constantly looking to add to her repertoire of skills.  Keeping horses looking, feeling, and performing their best takes a village, and we are incredibly lucky to have Katie apart of ours!!”