Straight from the Horse's Mouth

Want to share your incredible experience working with Unbridled Equine?

“Unbridled Equine has allowed us the ability to train and compete our horses at 100%. It is huge part of our growing success. Our horses are stronger, more balanced, and overall happier once Katie has put her hands on them!”

Ryan Sassmannshausen

“Katie is an incredible asset to any team. She is a horsewoman, she understands the sport, and she has vast knowledge about getting the best out of the horse’s entire musculoskeletal system. She is immensely talented at using her sports massage techniques, combined with additional therapies to target and release any discomforts, and allow the horses to perform at their best. We value her opinion and trust her instincts – she has great insight into each individual horse.”

Hannah Stevens

“As a doctor, I understand the necessity for connective tissue work in maintaining athletes’ peak performance during training…why would that need change for my horses that are top performers? It doesn’t. Unbridled Equine is the quintessential application in prepping Carollo during his endurance training and at top level FEI shows. Thank you U.E. for achieving FEI status and massaging Carollo to his victories!”

Dr. Michele Marano

True North Stables values our horse’s health and care. Unbraided Equine is a crucial part of our system. We schedule regal visits to make sure our horses get the best quality of life because they are performing athletes. They absolutely love it when Katie comes because not only does she give the best massage, but they really trust her and let all their stress go! Thank you for being a part of our team, Unbridled Equine!

Caitlyn Shiels

“Katie’s extensive knowledge of both sports massage techniques and adjunct therapies is impressive. Equally, so, is the way she is able to problem solve and tailor her approach in order to get to the root of a horse’s discomfort and help each horse get the most out of his or her session.”

Anna Hallene

Katie is AMAZING, I highly highly recommend her! She is intuitive about the horses needs. She is patient, gentle and kind. She has helped all my horses, but one in particular I was at a loss as to what to do, we did all these tests and the vet essentially said there was nothing they could do, I would say it seems like over reactive nerves, I was thinking I would have to retire him though he was only 10. So thought massage might help Katie came and worked on him we talked and decided on a plan to help him. Katie suggested 2 times a week for several months, but we saw results after the 3rd massage, and now we are at one massage every 3 weeks and he is doing beautifully, and her amazing skills healed my horse!

Dorothy Flisk

Katie did a fantastic job on my mare! She’s so patient with the horses and I loved how she explained exactly what she was doing while working on my mare and educating me about our horses bodies at the same time. Great work!!!

Christine White

Katie does an amazing job on my boy Oberon. I have noticed a big difference in how he moves, and how much more relaxed his neck is. Obie can’t always tell me where he’s ouchy, but Katie find every spot and works it out. I can tell how much better he feels after she’s worked on him. I highly recommend you give her a try, your horse will love it.

Deborah Kay